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Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a mechanism in high-performance networks that carries data from point A to point B. The development and provisioning of MPLS has enabled highly available and scalable global enterprise networks utilizing the abundance of IP services in the current market. MPLS networks utilize the fundamental efficiencies of IP and the tremendous investment made by the world’s telecom carriers in fiber optics over the last 15 years. MPLS presents a significant cost savings opportunity to most business with 3 or more locations over earlier private network transport (e.g., X.25, frame relay and private-line networks). In addition there are many advantages to firms wanting to streamline the complexity of their networks. MPLS features any to any connectivity, redundancy and failover and is a fully meshed network.

All carriers have some form of MPLS service offering and are currently deploying other advanced IP applications, including session initiation protocol (SIP). SIP is another protocol designed to manage voice and video sessions over IP.

The choice of telecom consulting from The Syber Group will give your company access to our experience planning, sourcing, and implementing a wide range of MPLS network services from carriers both globally and in the U.S.

VPN Secure company internal connection

A VPN solution provides today’s companies the ability to interconnect different corporate network sites in a completely secure environment using the Internet and their firewall or ASA appliance. This service greatly reduces operations costs associated with expensive leased line systems, IT support costs and leased equipment. Many companies use a VPN solution to control access between different corporate networks, and allow remote users to access the network securely.