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Fulfill Your Need for Speed…

You may think you can’t afford high bandwidth internet service like large companies. With The Syber Group’s solutions, you can… Get the speed you need at a price that makes sense for your businesses goals and objectives. The Syber Technology Group can provide your firm with numerous reliable dedicated internet access services.  You’ll notice a dramatic difference in how much faster you can use the Web, send and receive emails, upload and download even large files; all of which will help your business keep up and excel in today’s high speed world.

The Syber Technology Group’s unique approach empowers you to make your next purchase with confidence.  Our knowledgeable specialists will ensure that you receive the best solution at the best price possible.

Internet Services we provide:

DSL – 1.5 mbps to 15 mbps business internet connection

Business DSL is often times fine for small offices needing internet access for 5 to 10 users. Business DSL is a portion of a 24 channel circuit where bandwidth is aggregated at the provider Central Office. While subject to common oversubscription, it is typically a stable and reliable broadband connection, especially if your internet needs are light use.

T1 – 1.5 mbps business internet connection

A T1 circuit is perfect for small and medium sized businesses needing internet access for 10 to 50 users. A T1 is a dedicated 24 channel circuit providing an internet connection directly from the provider’s backbone. Dedicated bandwidth, service level and recovery guarantees this makes a T1 circuit very stable and reliable broadband connection for smaller businesses.

Ethernet – 2 mbps to 20 mbps business internet connection

Business Ethernet is a newer technology that provides cost effective solution for connecting your business to the Internet and extending your Local and Wide Area Network. This solution utilizes a reliable copper loop bonding technology to deliver a single symmetrical connection, with upload and download speeds of up to 20 Mbps. Recommended for most businesses, especially if you have intensive bandwidth demands.  The monthly recurring cost is considerably less expensive, reduces bandwidth overhead and deals with loop failure more effectively than traditional link bonded T1s.  Ethernet business internet provides additional capabilities and flexibilities to help your business grow and remain competitive.

DS3 – 20 mbps to 45 mbps business internet connection

DS3 connection is great for companies with large bandwidth needs. If your company needs computer access for 50 + users, or needs to run high bandwidth applications like video conferencing, you are likely in the market for a DS3 connection. A DS3 circuit is also a viable solution for companies looking to resell bandwidth to their customers.

Fiber – 10 mbps to 2gbps business internet connection

Fiber connection is great for companies with large bandwidth needs at a reasonable price. It is the most stable internet delivery technology available in today’s marketplace.  However the areas qualified for Fiber service is limited across the nation. A building and location lit for Fiber connections can get from 10 mbps to more than 100 mbps for a fraction of DS3 pricing. Fiber is best for internet access for 50+ users.

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