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Can Intel Keep A Stranglehold On The Server Market?

December 20, 2016 by   | Comment: (0)

Qualcomm’s introduction of a top notch 48 core 10nm server chip means that Intel’s milkmaid can no longer serve up expensive milk from its cash cow Xeons and the lot. It’s years since Intel had any credible rival on the server front, but if Qualcomm’s hopes, as reported here, turn into reality, then Intel can wave its stonking profits goodbye. Unless, of course, Intel in sheer desperation, pulls a rabbit out of its financially top notch hat and can waste its shareholders’ money with... 

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BlackBerry Unveils New Security Platform

December 16, 2016 by   | Comment: (0)

BlackBerry has unveiled a comprehensive mobile-security platform for a wide range of Internet of Things devices connected to enterprises. Officially named BlackBerry Secure, the mobile security software and related services will combine key technologies from recent BlackBerry acquisitions including Good Technology, WatchDox, AtHoc and Encription. The company detailed its efforts in a blog post. BlackBerry emphasized that the new approach will simplify management and security for smartphones,... 

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Will Windows 10 On ARM Finally Materialize?

December 14, 2016 by   | Comment: (0)

Microsoft dropped a bomb on December 7th.  At WinHEC it announced that the Next generation Qualcomm Snapdragon processors have full Windows 10 support. Yes, this time, they will run every Windows X86 application via an emulator. It looks like 2017 will be a fun year. Qualcomm,  all of a sudden got support for Windows 10 on its mobile computing devices. This will enable new anytime, anywhere connected device form factors. What Qualcomm and Microsoft are trying to say is that you can expect some... 

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‘Stegano’ Malvertising Exposes Millions To Hacking

December 13, 2016 by   | Comment: (0)

Since October, millions of internet users have been exposed to malicious code embedded in the pixels from tainted banner ads designed to install Trojans and spyware, according to security firm ESET. The attack campaign, called Stegano, has been spreading from malicious ads in a “number of reputable news websites,” ESET said in a Tuesday blog post. It’s been preying on Internet Explorer users by scanning for vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash and then exploiting them. The attack is designed... 

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Is Google Going After Facebook?

December 12, 2016 by   | Comment: (0)

The word on the information street is that Google wants to buy Facebook. It is entirely speculative, but could have legs. Information leaked suggests that talks are well advanced between the two companies. Anecdotal evidence from many Facebook users suggests that talks are well advanced and the companies are already sharing experimental data, between themselves, of user data. Other sources suggest that Microsoft (Vole) is also interested in Facebook and, conversely, that Facebook is interested... 

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Will The TeraHertz Band Increase Wi-Fi Speeds?

December 9, 2016 by   | Comment: (0)

Researchers have worked out a way to push Wi-Fi speeds to 34 Gbps using the TeraHertz band. While greater bandwidth in the 300GHz and above band has been known for a while it is pointless because the range makes it a chocolate teapot. Some researchers have managed to hit 100 Gbps but when it only works for a few centimeters it is not commercially viable. Now boffins at the Tokyo Institute of Technology have got the technology to provide a great 34 Gbps speed with a decent range. Naoto Oshimo,... 

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Helio Finally Launches X27

December 8, 2016 by   | Comment: (0)

MediaTek has announced two more Helio X20 series products – a Helio X27 and an X23 and as you can figure out from the names; Helio X27 is faster than the X25 while X23 is a bit slower. Helio X25 was the fastest deca-core 20nm SoC from MediaTek with three cluster designs and this SoC ended up in quite a few prominent China higher end phones including a few Meizu devices. But it looks like customers wanted a bit faster camera, SoC and GPU performance for its late 2016 early 2017 phones, the ones... 

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Can iOS Activation Lock Be Bypassed?

December 7, 2016 by   | Comment: (0)

Two researchers report that they have discovered a way to bypass the activation lock feature in iOS that’s supposed to prevent anyone from using an iPhone or iPad marked as lost by its owner. The first report came Sunday from an Indian security researcher named Hemanth Joseph, who started investigating possible bypasses after being confronted with a locked iPad he acquired from eBay. The activation lock gets enabled automatically when users turn on the Find My iPhone feature via iCloud. It... 

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Is Facebook Moving Into A.I.?

December 6, 2016 by   | Comment: (0)

Facebook Inc is developing a way to automatically flag offensive material in live video streams, building on a growing effort to use artificial intelligence to monitor content, said Joaquin Candela, the company’s director of applied machine learning. The social media company has been embroiled in a number of content moderation controversies this year, from facing international outcry after removing an iconic Vietnam War photo due to nudity, to allowing the spread of fake news on its site. Facebook... 

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PC Market Showing Signs Of Life

September 23, 2016 by   | Comment: (0)

The PC market is showing some signs of growth, with Intel boosting its revenue guidance based on improved chip shipments. The chip maker has raised its revenue guidance for the third quarter to $15.6 billion, plus or minus $300 million, an improvement from $14.9 million, plus or minus $500 million. That’s due to PC makers replenishing laptop and desktop inventory, which means Intel is shipping out more chips. It’s likely in anticipation of the holiday season, when PC shipments rocket. “The... 

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