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Help Desk

For most small businesses, establishing and maintaining an in-house Help Desk Call Center is an expensive and risky undertaking. Even with large enterprises, internal Help Desks often evolve into problem tracking rather than problem solving organizations. This often results in higher costs per reported problem, low user satisfaction with IT staff, and reduced customer productivity. The Syber Group offers an affordable and effective Help Desk solution that can significantly improve IT service levels and enhance the value of your information network.As a leading IT provider in Chicagoland, The Syber Group expertly manages all technical support issues for its client base. Important services include a thorough and well-trained help desk team ready to tackle all of your computer and technical needs. Our help desk handles the complete issue, from beginning to end. Upon receiving a call, our help desk team will actively work to resolve the problem and, where appropriate, re-route the information to one of the field operatives. Our technicians are highly trained, experienced and possess IT Professional certifications (i.e. CCNA). Additionally, The Syber Group guarantees all response times will adhere to agreed up on several levels.

What We Cover:

The Syber Groups Chicago help desk team covers technical support issues 24/7 365 days a year. They manage hardware and software issues alike as well as managing Internet infrastructure. They specifically deal with customer queries, concerns related to their current IT provider, server issues or their personal computers or laptops.

From Start to Finish

From installation to troubleshooting to usage support, our Chicago help desk team is a leader in providing the finest and most efficient support throughout the Chicagoland region. Reasons for choosing The Syber Group as your sole tech support firm range from our often praised flexibility to our unparalleled reliability. Our agents are flexible in how they serve our clients; they are also quite reliable engineers and technicians.

Our Unique Approach

Quite frankly, it’s a combination of finding superior help desk personnel in Chicago and approaching each unique client with enthusiasm and dedication to our field of expertise. Not to mention our creativity in IT and our ability to adapt to just about any situation that comes our way. Our guaranteed competitive rates are yet another reason to choose The Syber Group as your help desk Chicago support staff.

Ready to Get Started?

When you’re looking for an outstanding help desk Chicago team, look no further. Call us today at 855-568-TSTG (8784) or email for a free consultation.