Syber Group
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Company Profile

The Syber Group offers professional IT services to small, medium and larger business customers in the Midwest and Chicagoland area. We focus on providing the highest levels in quality service, integrity, security and management with reasonable economics. The Syber Group consistently delivers desired results to its customers in a variety of industries by providing a unique blend of best practices, strong business skills and superior technology. Our clientele includes small, medium and larger firms, startups, medical practices, legal, transportation and accounting firms. Our customers come through referrals from existing customers.

We are in effect an extension of or outsourced IT department implementing industry standards with the highest level of integrity. We design and recommend business technology solutions based on your business needs and budget. We are not biased towards any technology or vendor but rather towards meeting your requirements. Unclear as to what your requirements are? We work with you on ‘What if?’ scenarios meeting short term goals and long term strategies; all while keeping costs as low as possible.

What Makes Us Different?

Our key competitive advantages are:

  Trust – We manage your data that is key to your business.
  Integrity – You trust us to provide you with the right solution for your business requirements even when you are not sure what you need. We never sell you more than what you actually need.
  Highest Standards – We provide you the highest level of service to keep your business running smoothly.
  Speed – We pride ourselves on the ability to quickly respond to your needs and resolve most issues quickly.
  Relationship – We are building your business as well as you are building ours. Our focus is on providing you with the best possible solution for your needs.
  Professional – All our team members are business technology professionals that are highly motivated in understanding your business and provide the level of professionalism that you require.

The role that we find most critical and lacking in smaller firms and businesses is a vendor management role with strong project management skills that acts on your behalf. Typically, small and medium sized businesses will have a vendor come in and install their applications without any regard to existing systems, network or interaction with the client’s business process. This is where we can help streamline the process and the main reason why clients so often rely on us to make all their different systems effectively work together.

Our main focus has always been our relationship with you built on understanding your business, trust and superior performance. Our customers come through referrals from existing customers.