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Welcome To The Syber Technology Group

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The Syber Group provides Information Technology services to small, medium and large enterprise customers throughout the Midwest. We focus on providing the highest levels in quality service, integrity, security and management all while closely managing costs. The Syber Group consistently delivers desired results to its customers in a variety of industries by providing a unique blend ofbest practices, strong business skills and superior technology skillsets. Our clientele includes small, medium and larger, startups, medical practices, legal, transportation and accounting. Our customers come through referrals from existing customers.

The Syber Group has a dedicated security practice that complements our Managed Services and enables us to provide the widest range of professional services.

The Syber Group has established a reputation going back several years in the security industry. We pride ourselves on being a leader in the field.

It is fair to say that changes will always be on-going, but the fundamental principles of why organizations perform information security assessments have remained constant. Private information has to remain confidential: and there is a prerequisite to trust the integrity of information. Furthermore, the information must be available on demand. Our team of specialists delivers on this need.

We succeed by deploying the best consultants, understand what the client needs, wrap skills and knowledge up in efficient processes and then deliver on our promises. Therefore, our objective is to assess the effectiveness of a Security program and its organization. It is intended to assess how well controlled the process is as Security is a control function in and of itself (i.e., it is not part of any operational or functional process).  As a result, the classical approach of identifying key tasks, key controls and then testing key controls. Therefore, a process review of IT Security is performed. Through our methodology, we attempt to identify all IT security tasks performed and assess the maturity level of the following components of the information security program:

  • Security organization and management framework
  • Security Awareness and training Program
  • Information/Data classification and protection
  • Security administration processes
  • Physical and Personnel security management
  • Emergency and contract security management
  • Functional relationships between regional security